Friday, 7 May 2010

Nude Photo

OK. Last week was spent cracking the whip for the paymaster general. 10 days 10 blog posts. Target set. Apologising for lack of blogging blog cliché attained. Today I will highlight the good blogs I like out there. I will not have a blog roll. This article will serve until cockroaches inhabit the earth in its place. ISM KNOWS. Much in the same way TEST knows. If you like house/techno and PROPER electro then you should be reading them, dling their mixes and attending nights they're involved in. The Torch Society is angrier, funnier and altogether better informed than me on almost everything. Style Salvage are obsessed with menswear to the degree that I genuinely fear for their normal lives. That and they mentioned me. I'm fairly inclined to nepotism, bribes and freebies for all you PR weapons out there. One-upmanship covers 21st century casual culture in a very accomplished manner. Almost too accomplished. That and he sells a lot of good stuff on eBay. Dom Stansfield needs no introduction. HE KNOWS

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