Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cathal McAteer Interview

I shall continue in a positive vein this week. I felt horrible for mocking Folk last week. Really guilty. It was like going behind Rocky's back to nail Adrien. Paying Paul to rob Peter. Smothering Bruce Forsythe. It was bad of me as they're actually one of the best out there. Ahead of the curve on the now ubiquitous and rapidly expanding market in the independent 'HERITAGE POST CASUAL AUTHENTIC MADE IN UK' menswear bandwagon freight-train behemoth. They did it earlier and better. They've most likely already linked to this on everyone of the blogs I mock, but it's a good read. If you take one thing away from it make it this*:

"We've been quite anti-branding, that's why it was very hard for us to print t-shirts or put our name on top of a garment – it never felt natural, in fact it always feels kind of dumb.".

*Not that I'm preaching

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