Monday, 4 October 2010


In true High Fidelity style it's time for a list. Us men love lists. Making lists, reading lists, arguing over other men's SHITE lists that completely ignore stuff THAT WOULD BE ON MY FUCKING LIST.[How can they rate Good Life OVER Strings of LIFE (Top 5 Detroit songs with life in the title)!!!] Can't get enough. Now most top retailers realise that there's a recession on currently and most designers anticipated the lack of money people would have in their pocket way back when they were pricing up for this season at the height of the recession LAST YEAR. I've picked out 5 pieces the fiscally concious everyman on the British street should be able to crow bar into his wardrobe despite the onslaught of the CON_DEM_nation.

Arc'teryx Veilance Black Patrol Insulated Coat

Two jackets in one. Tremendous value. The only brand to be seen in on the terraces this season. If you want all of 6 people to clock you in your 1300 quid coat THIS is the one to be clocked in. Hi-tech meets HAUTECULTUUOOR and a snip at just under 3 weeks wages. The Bureau.

Nigel Cabourn Everest Parker.

At most times Stanley Park is about as hospitable as Everest to those this end of the A580 but more so on chilly November away days. So toggle up in this authentic vintage heritage genuine period historical reproduction from LORD NIGE OF FASHIONSHIRE. Made in England. Added bonus if yer a roadrunner as I'm told there are pieces of coyote hanging off it. . BEEP BEEP. Oi Polloi

Visvim Whymper Boots


Junya Watanabe MAN x Gloverall Duffle Jacket
"Nice Gloverall mate"
"Oh it's not a Gloverall it's Junya Watanabe x Gloverall"
"Oh the guy who played Mr. Miyagi?"
"Nah mate. JUNYA. From CDG."
"It says Gloverall on it mate"
"No he's altered the sleeves! Only cost 5 times as much as a normal one"

J.W.Anderson SS11 Festival Boot Swarovski Crystal Toe

Take some acid. Go roof a house and stare at your toes. It's what they would want you to do. The press release says so. Oh and it uses the word poor too. Oki-Ni