Monday, 31 May 2010

Norse Projects X Elka Rain Jacket

Sir would prefer a blue cagoule. Triads.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Puff Piece

I've been reading a lot of David peace recently. It seems I'm very much in the minority when it comes to the Heritage Research blog love. I'm in the overblown hoarse from hollering vocal majority in my love for Oi Polloi though. I simply wouldn't dress the way I do without them. I happened in there 3 years ago a scruffy graduate looking for a new winter coat and three years later I have the temerity to slag off anyone paying THIS for an 'ironic' worker belt.

Oi Polloi changed the way I dress myself and probably a lot of the post britpop/casual lads style my generation in Manchester have been lumbered with. More so for having the confidence to stock stuff lazy bloggers have nothing better than to slag off. Set trends don't follow them etcetcetc.

In the last few weeks alone they've stocked great garms from brands I've never even heard of. Svennson (dare I spot the waffle knit trend on the horizon?), Luke Simon, Seil Marschall blah blah blah. Derivative competitors will be stocking them in 6 months. Set trends don't follow them etcetcetc. All very much a sign that the buying is as obsessive, committed and geeky as the clientèle. I hate to think of the dastardly deeds brands PRs play on them such is the influence of being stocked by them now.

Anyway I've been far too nice. I'm off to burn pictures of Ronson. Set trends don't follow them etcetcetc. I've been reading a lot of David peace recently. Hacks copy. Genius Steals.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Trickers Chelsea Boot

There was an Amanda Wilson in every school wasn't there? Very pretty girl. We all know what she got up to at the back of double Chemistry with Kev. Then there was the sports day incident with John. The year 11 disco with Matt. Word was anything you wanted you got. Oh and everyone remembers the leavers ball. Admittedly she was cracking looking and very well put together. But you know sometimes she wore some shocking things. Like those neon green tights! What was she thinking?! Might look her up on Facebook. Peggs and Son

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cathal McAteer Interview

I shall continue in a positive vein this week. I felt horrible for mocking Folk last week. Really guilty. It was like going behind Rocky's back to nail Adrien. Paying Paul to rob Peter. Smothering Bruce Forsythe. It was bad of me as they're actually one of the best out there. Ahead of the curve on the now ubiquitous and rapidly expanding market in the independent 'HERITAGE POST CASUAL AUTHENTIC MADE IN UK' menswear bandwagon freight-train behemoth. They did it earlier and better. They've most likely already linked to this on everyone of the blogs I mock, but it's a good read. If you take one thing away from it make it this*:

"We've been quite anti-branding, that's why it was very hard for us to print t-shirts or put our name on top of a garment – it never felt natural, in fact it always feels kind of dumb.".

*Not that I'm preaching

Monday, 17 May 2010

Tuk Tuk Tailored Tennis Shorts

Time to be positive. Great stuff again from Tuk Tuk. The all important ATTENTION TO DETAIL. But at a great price and allow you to dress like the guy Ray Liotta brutally pistol whips for touching up Lorraine Bracco. Not in that scene 'shudder' but the first time he hits on her. I think. *ScreenGRAb*. I plumped for the red and purple meself. Tuk Tuk.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Folk Rain Mac

Would sir like a red cagoule? Folk.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Monday, 10 May 2010

Stüssy Pac Isle Breaker OR

Would sir like a yellow cagoule? Hanon.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Passarella Death Squad I Love NY Black T-shirt

Whoever invented the printed t-shirt has a lot to answer for. In turning our chests into a mini advertising hoarding they created an entirely unnecessary market for a previously unnecessary product. Much the same as our friends and their running shoes in Oregon. I could conduct some in-depth research into the phenomenon but I'm willing to guess printed t-shirts came about because a company wanted to help sell its product some time in 1950's America. Passarella Death Squad have been the male bloggers printed t-shirt of choice for a few seasons now. They make printed t-shirts. One uses I heart NY in a post-modern twist on a true British classic. Be sure of that. Coggles.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Nude Photo

OK. Last week was spent cracking the whip for the paymaster general. 10 days 10 blog posts. Target set. Apologising for lack of blogging blog cliché attained. Today I will highlight the good blogs I like out there. I will not have a blog roll. This article will serve until cockroaches inhabit the earth in its place. ISM KNOWS. Much in the same way TEST knows. If you like house/techno and PROPER electro then you should be reading them, dling their mixes and attending nights they're involved in. The Torch Society is angrier, funnier and altogether better informed than me on almost everything. Style Salvage are obsessed with menswear to the degree that I genuinely fear for their normal lives. That and they mentioned me. I'm fairly inclined to nepotism, bribes and freebies for all you PR weapons out there. One-upmanship covers 21st century casual culture in a very accomplished manner. Almost too accomplished. That and he sells a lot of good stuff on eBay. Dom Stansfield needs no introduction. HE KNOWS