Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Martin Margiela 22 - Replica Sneaker Paper Application

Margiela 22. To not wear these trainers would be madness but you'd be mad not to wear them! Why I hear you ask? Firstly calf leather. THAT'S THE SHIT. Secondly Made in Italy. But thirdly and most importantly the "significant paper application made with real paper". I've had trainers with an artificial paper application significance but they are just too run of the (PAPER)mill. Real paper applications are hard to get hold of without a heat gun and some strong methylated spirits. Authentic Heritage is important these days so it's a relief that these are a genuine replica from the classic and incomparable 70's Austrian era of Margiela. GET ON IT> Tres Bien

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Stylists Own

This shit really confuses me at times. I've paid the best part of a fiver or more for your bloated collection of adverts and writing. Every now and then I appreciate a combination of items and my interest is so sparked as to undertake a possible purchase or further information on said item me lud.



The cynic suggests that the manufacturer of the item in question hasn't provided clearance/cash/favour enough for the info on them to be printed. That or stylists have that many clothes available to them that they begin to forget who made that one? Is someone not doing their job?

Anyway there is a pair of trousers in November 2007's GQ I want. P98. Identify them please.

Monday, 21 June 2010

+J Design Trousers

My most complimented and queried item of clothing these last few months has been these splendid attempt at a minimal, dare I say [FROM BEHIND THE COUCH], combat trouser *shudder* from Jil Sander's Uniqlo range. They're essentially a great lightweight slim fit cotton trouser with a handy iPhone pocket on the thigh. I've worn them smart with shirts to formal family gatherings and scruffy with Air Max 1s and old Warp t-shirts to raves. They're subtle enough to be worn instead of shorts on a hot Manc day and spare the gathering hordes the splendour of my milky white drumsticks. More so I picked them up in each colour for only £20 a pair when they were on Sale. Rave safe and in cheap style kids. Uniqlo

Timperley's Finest

Park Road salutes.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Visvim Fishing Lures


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Nonnative x Merrel Wilderness Boots

It's too easy for me to pick on oki-ni for selling expensive things. But then I always picked on the nerdiest and strangest dressed kids at school so PAH! They do an excellent job occupying the final frontier an all at times. But Merrel wilderness boots are as top notch as it gets to start with. Cross this with Nonnative and some turquoise laces and you can charge 3 times as much? Who wears hiking boots anywhere when they're not hiking? Coming soon visvim x puma kings. FFS. At least they've got a Vibram sole. Assuming some of the value is to get them over from Japan but surely they were made in Italy? I DUNNO LOL. I'm angry today.