Wednesday, 1 September 2010

[PROJECTIZM] Engineered Garments 19th Century Button Down Shirt

IN THE FIST OF A NEW SERIES I undertake some alterations at castle erect to update and refresh my wardrobe for the coming onslaught of AW10/11.

It wouldn't get much more wardrobe staple than if I actually stapled this shirt to my wardrobe but it's safe to say my black EGBD has seen me through the best and worst of times these last few years. The first REALLY expensive shirt I bought needs updating for the oncoming winter and is showing it's age somewhat. Here I show my fellow erectites how to bring there 19th century BDs roaring into the 21st.

Start with the right sleeve. You want to fold the sleeve back in on itself. If you do it correctly then hopefully the sleeve will ACTUALLY project back on itself into the main body of the shirt. Like so.

Repeat for the left sleeve and you should have something that ends up like this ONE I PREPARED EARLIER:

Now it gets tricky. If you have no previous experience adjusting clothing I suggest you seek professional help. You'll need to bring the right hand hem up over the right shoulder. Maintaining BOTH sleeves positions inside the body.

Again repeat for the left side:

Now it gets very complicated. You need to remove the hanger but maintain the shirt hanging. I suggest you use either have a woman hold the shirt for you or failing that a man or machine.

OK folks. We're in the home straight now. The vinegar strokes. The Rubicon is far behind us. The last piece of the jigsaw will fall into place. Rehang the shirt in its new altered form back on the hanger. LIKE SO:

I'm not sure what they call this in the world of hawt cootchaw but I am sure I'm on to a winner. Look how much more prevalent the internal detailing and fixtures of the shirt now are!

Try it on one of your shirts readers and feel free to share the results of one of your [PROJECTIZM] moments.

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