Monday, 6 September 2010

Universal Works Loden Green Brisbane Moss Cord Jacket

My Geography teacher was almost certainly the inspiration for the half arsed Scouse Geography teacher in Channel 4s early noughties drama Teachers. He was essentially an excellent rugby coach who needed to teach a subject in order to justify his presence at the school. He once forgot we'd conducted the field work for our GCSE coursework and sent us out again to waste an afternoon (although in hindsight he may have done that on purpose). He was perpetually clad in nylon and polyester offerings a la Moltisanti. He was almost certainly not into corduroy jackets or Clarks originals like most of my blogging enemies seem intent on describing this seasons corduroy resurgence. As much as I've rated a lot of Universal Works offerings this jacket registers too high on the [gruffnorthernbastard]How much would my dad take the piss down the pub scale[/gruffnorthernbastard] so for that reason I'm oot. My Wardrobe.

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