Thursday, 5 May 2011

Post O'alls / Menpolini Short 2w (Green)

Summer is here. Get the fake tan out. Dig out the birkenstocks and prepare for the mental anguish of what the regulars in The Royal Oak will make of you if you order a mixed fruit Koppaberg. What shall adorn your legs this summer though? Bermuda board shorts? NO. Camo cargo shorts? NO. Skimpy Ralph swimmers? NO. You want to be rocking the Ray Mears hard. If Ray Mears read inventory. But if Ray Mears read Inventory he wouldn't be Ray FUCKING Mears. You're not Ray Mears though and you read Inventory like me. So you can spend £165 on these very average looking shorts. Plus thurs t'added bonus o' knowin' thur med in yarkshur in t'post o'alls facturee lad. Oi Polloi.

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