Thursday, 22 April 2010

5 questions for....

....Padraig Harrington

In the first of a new series of features we get one on one with the industries key players and performers. Our debut guest is Padraig Harrington, creator of the ubiquitous menswear classic that shares his name.

1. How's it going Padraig?
PH: Grand Cheers.

2. How did you come up with such a distinct style? The one glove look in particular is catching on.
PH: It goes with the day job, I suppose, born out of practicality really. That and my sponsors. The glove stops me straining my wrist off the tee.

3. Ah so it's work wear inspired! What are your tips for spring/summer?
PH: Well obviously Tiger's back so that's really put the cat amongst the pigeons! I fancy my chances at St. Andrew's, it'd obviously be an honour to win there.

4. Animal print is going to be everywhere indeed. Tartan never goes away either does it! Are you surprised at the Harrington's resurgence recently?
PH: I wouldn't call it a resurgence to be honest. I think I've made a concerted effort to remodel my game and am yet to really realise the full results. My form is off if anything.

5. Modest as ever. Finally does it annoy you that Steve McQueen often gets the credit for popularising your design?
PH: Excuse me?

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